Every employer wants the highest level of care and an expedited return to work for their injured employees. Unfortunately, the claim development is often slowed by ineffective medical treatment plans and extended disability, which result in spiraling cost. P&S provides the antidote through a truly integrated physician-based disability management oversight program.  Our early intervention program, along with cost containment oversight, and aggressive medical management will ensure the medical necessity of the treatment and facilitate transitional work assignments. 

​Our intervention team is supported by physicians, return to work specialists, and technical claim support staff. Early involvement helps P&S facilitate effective care, which ultimately results in significant medical savings.

P&S Network vs Competition

Q: What separates P&S from other return-to-work programs?

A:  P&S utilizes peer-to-peer physician-based interaction, streamlined utilization review, and disability management coordination between the injured worker, treating physician, and the employer to obtain transitional work assignments.

Q: How is P&S able to impact treatment plans?

A:  Our medical staff initiates immediate dialogue with the treating/specialty physi- cian providers to ensure appropriate scheduling timelines, collaboration regarding modified work restrictions, and the return of the injured worker to pre-injury status.

Q: Why does P&S have greater success with the treating physician?

A:  Our focus is to utilize our physician advisors to create a bridge between the program stakeholders (employer, injured worker, and claims staff) and the treating physician through collaborative discussions regarding ongoing treatment issues.


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Add Value to Your Workers’ Compensation Program

     The Reality...

The Key Components

  • Physician-based Injury Triage
  • Channeling the injured workers to appropriate, effective and timely treatment
  • Early Return-to-Work coordination
  • Control claim development and period of disability at the earliest point​
  • Claim cost savings of up to 35%​
Stair-stepping to Success

"Our experienced personnel ensure excellent reports and fast turn-around times, with same day stat reporting when necessary."

"Quality, turn around time and attention to detail are top priority"

...Early engagement during the initial stages of an injury has been shown to result in an increase in claim closures and a significant cost savings by utilization of a customized MPN with medical oversight and case management.

- P&S Network